Interview on the Blog

Have a look on the short interview with me on the 500px Blog:
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Paris La Defense at Night

Paris Urban Night Architecture Megacity Discover the fantastic night mood at la Defense. Join on Facebook:
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A trip to the sky

Last week I stayed job-related two days in Zermatt, Weiterlesen
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A new series from la Defense. I crossed the area around 10 o'clock in the morning. Only a few people on the streets and great morning light. Urban Light Urban Light Urban Light Urban Light
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Paris at night First picture out of a series from La Defense at night.
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paris.high one&two

Two new photos from Paris. High: Paris Skyscraper Businessedf Skyscraper in Paris La Defense
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Third photo from my series La.Defense.Blue. Same spot as I showed already here at night. urban district la defense paris
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Paris La Defense
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Publication in swedish architecture magazine “RUM”

One of my photos from Liège-Guillemins was published in the recent issue of the swedish architectural magazine "RUM". Note: The railstation is located in Belgium, not in Switzerland, as the article says.
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La Defense at Night La Defense at Night. Exif-Data: Canon 5D MK II - EF 17-40 f/4 L USM 17 mm – ISO 100 – f/13 – 30,0 sec.
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New photos from Neues Museum Nürnberg

Three new photos from Neues Museum in Nuremburg, shot in february. New Museum Nuremburg Neues Museum Nürnberg Treppenhaus NMN
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Cheminée d'aération - Raymond Moretti
May be you are wondering what this is ... Its a sculpture, called "Cheminée d'aération", made by Raymond Moretti, standing in La Defense in Paris. May be you already saw a picture of this colored thing on flickr. I had seem some photos from this sculpture before my trip to paris (asking myself "What is this?"), but did not know, that its standing in La Defense. So I walked around there and saw it accidentally, and remembered the photos I saw.

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paris rising – The Eiffel Tower at Night

Eiffel Tower Paris at night
If you want to get a very great view on Paris you should visit the Tour Montparnasse. From the highest top plattform, a terrace, you can see whole paris, including the Eiffel Tower. I went there to do some dusk- and nightshots. But unfortunately the top plattform is recently closed. So I could only get to a lower panorama plattform, where you can look through windows on paris (You can see a picture below). I could not use my tripod and had to to some handheld shots with very high ISO. You can see the noise in the picture, thats the result with ISO 1600 on the Canon 5D MKII. It was a very cloudy day, so no great view, like in this great panorama on wikipedia. So if you search a place in paris to take a great panorama, or take pictures from the eiffel tower at night, this is the right place – with open terrace and better weather. To catch the fast moving spotlight on the top of the eiffel-tower I made 4 shots, and combined them in photoshop.
Panorama Plattform Tour Montparnasse Paris
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Philologische Bibliothek Berlin

A photo from the great library "Philologische Bibliothek" in Berlin I shot in 2009. The library was built by architect Norman Foster. It was not so easy to get the permission to publish photos from there, but finally I managed it. Philologische Bibliothek Berlin I published a whole series from this great building, you can find the pictures here.
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