Shanghai Skyline at night

Shanghai skyline at night The magnificent panorama view onto the beautiful and shiny skyline of Shanghai at night. During the blue hour, the glittering towers around the new Shanghai Tower are like a shining jewel in the deep blue sea. The Shanghai World Financial Center (492m), and the Oriental Pearl Tower (468m) are smaller than the Shanghai Tower, but still very present in this view because of its unique form. If you are traveling to or living in Asia, this is a must view and you won't forget it.
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Shanghai Financial District – Pudong, Lujiazui

20150501-shanghai-4022-panorama-2256px The financial district "Lujiazui" in Pudong, Shanghai, China on a sunny day. Three giant towers: the Shanghai Tower, the Shanghai World Financial Center and the Jin Mao Tower.
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ND Awards 2015

ND Awards winner 2015 I way lucky enough to get some awards at this years ND Awards.
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Shanghai Skyline with Shanghai Tower

Shanghai Skyline with Shanghai Tower Shanghai Cityscape with SWFC and Shanghai Tower in Pudong Two impressive views on the cityscape of Shanghai, China. The new Shanghai Tower reached its full height (632m) in 2015 and is now the second tallest man made structure of the world (right after the Burj Khalifa in Dubai). The Shanghai skyline is completed by the Shanghai World Financial Center (492m), the Jin Mao Tower (420m) and the Oriental Pearl Tower (468m). All four towers are located in Pudong, which is surrounded by the Huangpu River (Huangpu Jiang). The view was pretty clear this day, not much smog between the city and the blue sky, which is not very common because of the heavy air pollution in China.
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Frankfurt Skyline bei Nacht

Frankfurt Skyline bei Nacht Nightview on the magnificent skyline of Frankfurt at night during the blue hour.
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Nebelhorn Foto Aerial view on the Nebelhorn (2224m) in the Allgäu Alps.
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Frankfurt Sunset Skyline

Frankfurt Sonnenuntergang
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Audi IAA Messestand 2015

Architecture // September 2015 // Germany // Messe Frankfurt
Architects: Schmidhuber & Partner / Communication: Mutabor As back in 2011 I visited the IAA in Frankfurt to take some shots of the extraordinary architecture of the Audi booth. Have a look: Audi Messestand IAA 2015 Eingangsbereich Experience walk IAA Audi Messestand 2015 Audi Messestand Der Messestand von Audi auf der IAA 2015 in Frankfurt Blick auf den spektakulären Eingangsbereich mit einer organisch vernetzte Leichtbauskulptur und Rolltreppe des Audi Messestands auf der IAA 2015 Audi Technologies Experience Walk IAA 2015 Experience Walk Audi 2015 Audi Sport Experience Walk IAA 2015 Messestand Audi Sport – Messestandarchitektur auf der IAA 2015 Innenbereich des Audi Messestands mit der Fahrzeugausstellung Blick auf den Audi Messestand Audi Branding auf der Außenfläche des freistehenden Audi Gebäudekubus – IAA 2015 in Frankfurt
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New Story: Großglockner High Alpine Road

In this August, the Großglockner High Alpine Road celebrates its 80th birthday. Have at a look at my story: By the way: You can now find all my travel stories collected in one place
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One World Trade Center – Aerial view

One World Trade Center Aerial view Aerial view from a helicopter on the finished One World Trade Center aka. Freedom Tower, which dominates now the skyline of Downtown and also of whole Manhattan. Part of my book RISING NEW YORK CITY. The observatory in the tower is now also open, so may be I have to visit New York City again some time to enjoy this view ...
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Fine Art Photography Awards Winner (Category Aerials)

NYC Aerial The "Manhattan Island" series from my NYC book just got awarded as Category Winner (Aerial) at the Fine Art Photo Awards, yeah! By the way: you can enjoy this series in my New York City book.
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New partner: Novarc images

novarc images A lot of my photos can now be found and licensed at my new partner NOVARC IMAGES. You can find my portfolio here .
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NYC book available and some news

Rising New York City Hey there, my book "Rising New York City" is finally available and most pre-orders are already at their new owners. If you are interested in a copy, just drop me a mail at, there are some copies left. Some images from the book are currently featured on Time out New York. Besides that there are some other cool news: I talked a little bit with photogrvphy about my work, check out the interview. And whats really great: the official german instagram account featured my work, thanks a lot!

In seinem Beruf setzt Designer Johannes Heuckeroth (@pfn) aus Fürth visuelle Reize ein, um Reaktionen auszulösen und vorgegebene Ziele zu erreichen – seine fotografischen Arbeiten hingegen werden, losgelöst von Funktionalität und Rationalität, allein von der Suche nach Schönheit bestimmt. “Mich reizt es, das Erlebnis der Wahrnehmung durch meine fotografische Interpretation zu intensivieren, eine parallele Realität, eine intensivere Realität in meinen Bildern zu erschaffen”, sagt Johannes. Mit diesem Bild lässt Johannes den Betrachter in einem Heißluftballon sanft über das Allgäu schweben und teilt die außergewöhnliche Perspektive. Der direkte Blick nach unten enthüllt viele keine Details, die sonst verborgen bleiben: die Spuren der landwirtschaftlichen Fahrzeuge in den frisch gemähten Wiesen oder das unfassbar intensive Grün der Landschaft. “In einer Stunde im Ballon über dem Allgäu bekommt man soviel Schönheit zu sehen, dass ich auch Wochen danach noch davon zehren kann.” Foto von @pfn

Ein von Instagram auf Deutsch (@instagramde) gepostetes Foto am

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Allgäu Aerial

Allgäu Aerial This aerial shot shows the "Allgäu" a part of Bavaria, and one of the most beautiful areas in Germany. It shows all the beauty that you can find compressed on the edge of flat land and mountains. In german we call it "Voralpenland" – the ground before the alps. You have a lot of small hills covered in wonderful green and some nice lakes there, always with the mountains as a beautiful backdrop. So obviously this is the perfect place to be photographed from above. To do this I made a balloon ride and this was the view from the highest point of the trip – around 3000m. You can enjoy the full story of the trip on storehouse: Allgäu Ballonfahrt Bilder
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Schloss Neuschwanstein Can you spot the famous Castle Neuschwanstein in this image? It is this little white thing in the bottom right corner. In this image you can see the unbelievable mountain range behind the castle, which is located right at northern end of the alps. The shot was made from about 25km away in the first morning light in about 3000m height. This area is called the "Königswinkel", one of Germanys most famous tourist destinations, which delivers some unbelievable beauty. More photos from there soon.
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