Allgäu Aerial

Allgäu Aerial This aerial shot shows the "Allgäu" a part of Bavaria, and one of the most beautiful areas in Germany. It shows all the beauty that you can find compressed on the edge of flat land and mountains. In german we call it "Voralpenland" – the ground before the alps. You have a lot of small hills covered in wonderful green and some nice lakes there, always with the mountains as a beautiful backdrop. So obviously this is the perfect place to be photographed from above. To do this I made a balloon ride and this was the view from the highest point of the trip – around 3000m. You can enjoy the full story of the trip on storehouse: Allgäu Ballonfahrt Bilder
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Schloss Neuschwanstein Can you spot the famous Castle Neuschwanstein in this image? It is this little white thing in the bottom right corner. In this image you can see the unbelievable mountain range behind the castle, which is located right at northern end of the alps. The shot was made from about 25km away in the first morning light in about 3000m height. This area is called the "Königswinkel", one of Germanys most famous tourist destinations, which delivers some unbelievable beauty. More photos from there soon.
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Shanghai #1

One of my favorite moments from my Shanghai trip: this surreal scenery with two cooks on a bus station.
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New York City at night

New York City at night Magnificient nightview on NYC midtown. Part of my NYC book, you can still pre-order it: Rising New York City
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Shanghai in 100 seconds

A little video from my trip to Shanghai. Watch and enjoy: 6 days of Shanghai in 100 seconds
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Frankfurt – view from Skyline Plaza

Frankfurt Messe Skyplaza Frankfurt again! I did not visit the city in 2014, but I had to come back in 2015 for this photo. My photo shows the view from the new shopping mall SkylinePlaza. This place was a building lot for a very long time. From a photographers view its one of the most interesting spots in FFM. The buildings (from left to right): Messeturm (256,5 m), Kastor (95 m), Pollux (130 m), Tower 185 (200 m) and the new building Kap Europa. 4 years ago it looked like this: FFM Building lot skyplaza
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New York at night

New York at night One of the most famous and beautiful views of New York City. The view onto the Brooklyn Bridge and Downtown at night during the blue hour. This image is also part of my NYC book – you can pre-order it now: Rising New York City
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6 Days in Shanghai

Shanghai Making Of I am just back from a trip to Shanghai, the first asian city I ever visited. It was great, its awesome, an visually very intense place. Images will come up in the next month, stay tuned. Some first views are on my instagram channel:
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Rising New York City – my book about NYC

Finally! My book about New York City is finished. It is a book with the size 30x30cm, 120 pages of 200 g/m² paper, thread binding and 45 images, showing the best was the NYC skyline has to give. It is a limited edition, just send an email to to order your copy. Rising New York City Book
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New York City urban View onto the urban jungle of Midtown New York City shortly before sundown. Rush hour on the driveway to Queensboro Bridge.
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New York City Skyline at night

New York City Skyline NYC, what a beauty! View on Manhattan sykline during blue hour, seen from weehawken.
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New York Downtown – Aerial at sundown

New York City at sundown with One World Trade Center Scenic view on New York City Downtown, featuring the shiny new One World Trade Center on a sunny and warm September evening.
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Dubai Prints at YellowKorner

Prints Johannes Heukeroth Five of my Dubai images are now available as prints at YellowKorner. There are small open editions and bigger limited editions, have a look.
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NYC story at Storehouse

New York City at Storehouse I just published a little story with my NYC cityscapes at Storehouse, have a look.
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NYC at night

Downtown at night – view from Weehawken View from Weehawken onto New York City Downtown and the Weehawken Waterfront Park and Recreation Center
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