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Hong Kong view from Victoria Peak

Hong Kong is a city of light and neon. In this view you can see some of its thousand of skyscrapers, creating an unbelievable density.

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Hong Kong at night

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Hong Kong Victoria Harbour

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Hong Kong Halluzinations I

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The best view on Hong Kong

What makes Hong Kong so special in my mind is its location between mountains. Because of this the city has a very special visuality and I love it. In this image you can see Hong Kong from the highest mountain … Weiterlesen

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Red Planet Phase Two

Two years ago I published my series red planet. Now it is time for phase two. Check out the series “Colonization” on behance.

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Shenzhen Skyline

View on the skyline of Shenzhen, China. The megacity is surrouned by mountains and the cityscape covered by smog. The city is located in the area of Guangdong and is a special economic zone with around 12 millions habitants.

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Impressions from Hong Kong

I just spent some days in Hong Kong. What an unbelievable city, it was like a neverending, brainmelting fever dream. Some impressions, shot on my phone.

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Forggensee im Königswinkel

Blick auf den Forggensee, der vom Lecht durchflossen wird. Links am Fuße der Alpen ist klein Schloß Neuschwanstein erkennbar. Ein schöner Blick über den Allgäuer Königswinkel im bayrischen Allgäu. Am südöstlichen Ende des Sees liegt die Stadt Füssen. Im Hintergrund … Weiterlesen

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Frankfurt aerial

View on the skyline of Frankfurt.

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Berlin Spreeufer

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Bodensee Unwetter

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Shanghai: Lujiazui Central Green Space

An idyllic summer scene in an urban Shanghai park.

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Schloss Neuschwanstein

Blick zum Schloss Neuschwanstein, das Märchenschloss aus dem 19. Jahrhundert im Allgäu, im Hintergrund ist der Alpsee und das Schloss Hohenschwangau zu sehen. Das Schloss ist eines der Touristenhighlights in Bayern und zieht Jahr für Jahr Millionen von Besuchern aus … Weiterlesen

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Shanghai Streets

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