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Marie-Elisabeth-Lüders-Haus in Berlin

This is an older shot from 2009. I visited Berlin in August 2009 for 5 days to shoot some architecture. I published already two photos (1, 2) from the Marie-Elisabeth-Lüders-Haus, but I stumbled about this one in my archives and … Weiterlesen

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La Defense – World of Lights

To make this photo was the main reason for my trip to Paris. About one year ago I saw this unbelievable photo from Thomas Birke. It just made “Click” and I knew: I have to make a photo from this … Weiterlesen

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Apple Store at Louvre in Paris

I wrote about my trip to Paris last week, and now the first photos are online. I finished the series from the Paris Apple Store, located at the louvre. In the louvre there is a shopping mall, called carrousel du … Weiterlesen

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pfnphoto now on

You may be know the new fancy photo network, it looks and works great, and you can find my profile here.

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