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Shanghai #1

One of my favorite moments from my Shanghai trip: this surreal scenery with two cooks on a bus station.

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New York City at night

Magnificient nightview on NYC midtown. Part of my NYC book, you can still pre-order it: Rising New York City

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Shanghai in 100 seconds

A little video from my trip to Shanghai. Watch and enjoy: 6 days of Shanghai in 100 seconds

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Frankfurt – view from Skyline Plaza

Frankfurt again! I did not visit the city in 2014, but I had to come back in 2015 for this photo. My photo shows the view from the new shopping mall SkylinePlaza. This place was a building lot for a … Weiterlesen

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New York at night

One of the most famous and beautiful views of New York City. The view onto the Brooklyn Bridge and Downtown at night during the blue hour. This image is also part of my NYC book – you can pre-order it … Weiterlesen

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6 Days in Shanghai

I am just back from a trip to Shanghai, the first asian city I ever visited. It was great, its awesome, an visually very intense place. Images will come up in the next month, stay tuned. Some first views are … Weiterlesen

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