Neues Museum Nürnberg

The "Neues Museum" in Nuremburg was one of my first architectural subjects and I am coming back every year to take some new photos. In the past I mostly concentrated one the fabulous white exhibition halls and the spectacular staircase. Honestly it is not so difficult to make some nice shots there. So this time I focussed on the outside of the museum and the entrance area. I was lucky enough to have the perfect light for the outdoor shots, have a look: 20131227-nmn-0005-panorama 20131227-nmn-0057 20131227-nmn-001220131227-nmn-0028 20131227-nmn-0064 20131227-nmn-004120131227-nmn-0046 20131227-nmn-0085 20131227-nmn-0092 20131227-nmn-0112 20131227-nmn-0122
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