Golden october in the alps

Goldener Oktober im Wald Gegenlicht zwischen den Bäumen Ausblick auf den Walchensee Ausblick vom Jochberg Heimgarten Grat im Herbstlicht Ausblick vom Herzogstand Gegenlicht am Kochelsee Kochelsee im Herbst Last saturday, 9:00 am. After hiking one hour through the wood, the first rays of light are falling through the trees. It will be another hour until I am on the top of the Jochberg and I am excited to see the Walchensee finally in all its glory. 6 month ago, I made the same trip, but had no luck with the weather, the mountain was totally covered by fog. So I used the last summer weekend of 2014 to come back, this time with a better weather forecast. At 10:00 am I am sitting on the top of the Jochberg and watching the rays of the last golden october sun falling over the mountains of the Karwendelgebirge. This area is currently my favorite place in the Alps. The views from the mountains around the beautiful Walchensee and Kochelsee are just magnificent. Now, one week later, most of these mountains are already covered by the first snow. See you next year!
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