This is New York City

This is a love letter to New York City. You are loud, fast, distracting and sometimes really annoying. It's very hard to photograph you. But you are the ONE city. You are the city I ever wanted to visit. And it only took me 28 years to get there. Long time of my youth I had a poster of New York City hanging above my bed. It was the classic view of NYC, showing the skyline of New York Downtown at night (of course in black and white) from Brooklyn, including the Brooklyn Bridge and the World Trade Center. I buyed it when I had not any idea of photography, I just liked how the city looked. I saw so many movies and read so many books which are placed in this city. Some years ago I removed the poster because I didn't liked it from a photographic point of view. I decided that I had to create my own view of this city. So 2013 it finally happened. I had the opportunity to spend 9 days in September there. Nine days full of blue sky and sunshine. Of course I brought a lot of photos with me and it will be a tough challenge over the next month to deal with this material and develop a unique photographic vision of the city out of it. To capture the mood of the city I also grabbed some video shots, the result you see above. I also took some photos from the classic location shown on the poster. But I want to start with another view on the city. One of the reasons I went there in 2013 was the fact that the World Trade Center One aka. the Freedom Tower was nearly finished. After 9/11 and the loss of the Twin Towers there was a big blank in the skyline of Downtown New York. The skyline looked like some ordinary city, but not like NEW YORK CITY. The new World Trade Center is not as iconic as the Twin Towers but it is a good start. And the lighting is great. New York City Skyline You can see the effect the building has on the skyline in the photo above. It is the one outstanding building that gives the skyline a unique identity again. Where to find this view? The photo is made from Staten Island during the blue hour. It is one of the places where you can enjoy a great and silent view on the city and have a break from roaring Manhattan. I really liked this place. To be continued. Thank you New York City.
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