Frankfurt Skyline

Frankfurt Skyline bei Nacht Frankfurt again. Normally I go there once a year, but I skipped 2012. So I planned a visit for march 2013 and had two days full of grey Frankfurt. While I was there I got the information about the Wolkenkratzerfestival, which made clear that I have to come back in May again (I already published one photo from this trip). This was the second evening and the whole two days before it was cloudy and foggy. First day was ok, you always have to deal with the weather and make the best out of it. But on this day I was a little bit frustrated and did not shot one single picture the whole afternoon. But the darker it got, the better my mood was, because in the darkness the weather doesn't really matter. So I hopped for some great shots before my drive back home later the evening. I chose the platform of "Galeria Kaufhof" in the middle of Frankfurt for the blue hour shot. I never made this "standard" shot of Frankfurt until now. Its one of the most known spots for photographers to capture the skyline, but it took me five years to get here for the blue hour shot. Enjoy the result.
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