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After three days of work, the all new is online. I wanted to do some changes long time ago, but never did it, since my website started in January 2008. Now three years after the launch, it was time to do it. The old version worked with Pixelpost, a very good and small CMS for photoblogs, but also very limited. So now WordPress 3.1 works in the background with my own theme. Now I have the possibility to publish series, not only single photos. Thats very important for me. For the beginning, 12 architecture series are online. Some landscape series will follow. Also as you can see here, I have now a blog for written impressions, and I will share some more thoughts in the future. I will try to write them in english, but I cannot promise it. I already put online some articles. Some technical details: Its not everything perfect, some work to do, for example optimizing for mobile plattforms. On iPad and iPhone it already works good I think. I tried to make the design responsive, what you see depends on your resolution and your browser. With resolutions above 1228px you get the full joy with a image width of 1128px. This should work for 90% of my visitors, according to the statistics for the last months. For visitors with a lower resolution around 1024px, or people with iPad or iPhone 4, the image and blog width is 898 px. For devices with a resolution below 800px there is a special, but also limited version. May be this works on some smartphones and the iPhone 3 but I could not test it. You should use a modern browser like Safari, Chrome or Firefox to get all features. With Internet Explorer you only get the 898px width. auf dem iPad auf dem iPhone auf dem iPhone
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