The Streets of New York City

Architecture // September 2013 // USA // New York City

new york flatiron NYC in the streets backlight Times Square morning light Streets of New York City Apple Store New York NYC architecture Times Square NYC overview NYC Urban backlight Times Square Architecture A city full of speed. New York City. If you are in Manhattan it's hard to get one silent moment to realize the spirit of the city. It's always rush, rush, rush. Take a single walk through the city and you will see thousands of ads, thousands of people, thousands of cars and buildings. My photos are freezing a short moment out of this urban jungle, a vibrant moment for a vibrant city.

4 Antworten auf The Streets of New York City

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  2. Mh sagt:

    echt ne feine arbeit die du abgeliefert hast. wie du die sonne hier integrierst, teilweise durch die spiegelung, ist wirklich hohe handwerkskunst. hat freude gemacht die bilder zu betrachten.

    – mh

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